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Trigeminal Neuralgia Overview
Trigeminal neuralgia (TN), tic douloureux (also known as prosopalgia) is a neuropathic disorder characterized by episodes of intense pain in the face.Originating in one of the three trigeminal nerves. This pain may be felt in any or all of the following: the ear, eye, lips, nose, scalp, forehead, cheeks, teeth, or jaw and alongside of the face. The condition is the most frequently occurring of all the nerve pain disorders. The pain, which comes and goes, feels like bursts of sharp, stabbing, electric shocks. This pain can last from a few seconds to a few minutes.
What are the causes of Trigeminal Neuralgia? Top
Trigeminal neuralgia is caused due to a traumatic (injury) damage to the trigeminal nerve. The clear-cut cause is still not known.
  • The most recent notion is that an abnormal blood vessel compresses the nerve. Theblood vessels rubes against the trigeminal nerve root this constant rubbing with each heartbeat wears away the insulating membrane of the nerve; causing the nerve cell to shed the protective and conductive coating (demyelination).
  • In all cases, though, an excessive burst of nervous activity from a damaged nerve causes the painful attacks.
What are the sign and symptoms of Trigeminal Neuralgia? Top
The cardinal symptom of Trigeminal neuralgia is the sudden, severe, electric shock-like, or stabbing pain that lasts several seconds. This pain can be felt on the face and around the lips, eyes, nose, scalp, and forehead. Another defining feature of trigeminal neuralgia is the trigger zone-a small area in the central part of the face, usually on a cheek, nose, or lip, that, when stimulated, triggers a typical burst of pain. A light touch or vibration is the most effective trigger. This usually causes many daily activities to become trigger attacks like:
  • Washing your face, brushing your teeth, shaving, or talking
  • Common sensations such as having wind hit your face
  • Eating and chewing
The pain usually is felt on one side of the face but certain people can have it on both sides time to tome. It rarely involves men and women below the age group of 5o years.
How is Trigeminal Neuralgia diagnosed? Top
A TN sufferer will sometimes seek the help of numerous clinicians before a firm diagnosis is made. As there are currently no specific tests available to confirm the diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia. They can only rule out if any other cause is causing the pain. It is only the history that and symptoms that can lead to the diagnosis.
What is the role of Homoeopathy in Trigeminal Neuralgia? Top
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